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Found 2nd Apr 2006
I have just bought a region 2 and 5 DVD. It played perfectly well on my daughter's region 2 player but would not play on the sitting room region 2 DVD player. I exchanged it, because I thought it must be faulty, but the replacement is exactly the same. So then I tried the replacement disc on a region 2 portable DVD player with no problems. The sitting room DVD player plays all other region 2 DVDs without problem. So could it be that it just doesn't like the region 2 and 5 disc? Or have I been unlucky enough to get two faulty discs?

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Have you tried to unlock your player to play disks from all regions?

With the litlle information available:

Is the DVD player in the sitting room the oldest or newest that you have tried the disk on?
An old player may not be able to "understand" the region coding for two regions at once.
Check the product support for your player. There may be a forum there that you can post on, allowing you get access to the customer support.
I had not heard of a disk having two regions before this - I thought they had regions 0-5 with 0 being the universal coding. If you say it is so Christmasshopper, I believe you.

can you get me the make and model of your problematic player?


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The sitting room DVD player is a Crown CDV1500. We have had it for just under 2 years.
I haven't tried to unlock it because I only buy region 2 DVDs.
Thanks for trying to help guys.

Region code hack for your player is posted Here.

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Thank you Kommunist. If I do this is it permanent? Will it still play all my other region 2 DVDs and my CDs?

Yes it will be permanent (if it'll work, of course). By "permanent" I mean - it'll stay on whatever region you choose until you switch it to something else. I personally set all my players to region 0 so I could watch disks from any region.

There is no regional protection on CDs by the way.

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OK...the dvd player is now set to region 0 and the dvd still won't play the movie. Well when I say won't play, it does actually play an information bit about video piracy then it goes to the bit that says play movie. When I chose play movie I just got a blank screen. However, at this point the other 2 dvd players go on and play the movie.

Well... if that's the case I doubt that problem is region protection related. I had similar issue with Umax player and it was replaced under warranty.
So... there are two ways I would proceed from this point.

1. Make a copy of this DVD using DVD Shrink.
a) if original DVD is bigger than 4.3GB (in other words it won't fit on standard DVD-/+RW) then squeeze it to DVD-+RW (that's why software is called DVD Shrink!) and burn to disk. If player will play it back then possible conclusion is that it can't cope with dual layer disks.
b) Remove all possible protections from disk and burn copy on DVD-+RW. If it'll play then protection is an issue. Need to investigate it in depth.

2. Throw old piece of electronics to bin and get a new one, preferrably the one that is able to play everything you throw at. 30-40 quid is reasonable for such thing.

Sorry for not being able to help

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I didn't understand option 1!
Option 2 seems a bit drastic when the dvd player has only ever encountered one disc which it couldn't play.
You did help, though, I now have a multi-region dvd player. Karma to you Kommunist.

Some older players had issues playing some (not all) pressed (original) DVD-9 disks. So, to understand whether there is problem with disk or player, I would create a copy of such disk using DVD-RW. If you want to proceed, then download DVD Shrink. This is free software which can make DVD backup disks.

Thanks for Karma!

I personally set all my players to region 0 so I could watch disks from … I personally set all my players to region 0 so I could watch disks from any region.

I heard that RCE (region coding enhanced) disks check to see if your player can play all regions, or has no region encoding before it plays, and wont play if it succeeds (hope that makes sense)

It can be easily verified - just set player to region 2 or 5 using the same procedure and check that disk again.

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Sorry Reaps... I've read that over and over again and I still don't understand it. :?
The DVD player has already been set to region 2 and wouldn't play. It won't play when set to region 0. What is to be gained by setting it to region 5? I read somewhere that I can only reset the region code 3 times.

What RCE is. It appears that RCE is only used for R1 disks and not R2 or R5.

As you mentioned the DVD plays the warning but won't move on to play the rest. Have you tried inputting the chapter number then press enter or play? That sometimes works. As Kommunist says, all region 0's should play. I think some other regions have RCE encoding [or similar now].

Another good programme is DVDFabDecryptor if you want to make a back-up.

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How do I do that Rayman?

It might be useful to look at AfterDawn.Com They have some helpful information on backing up your personal DVDs...

If you mean how do you choose a chapter? On the remote control, use a number before pressing play/enter. It should go straight to the beginning of that chapter.
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