Am I to believe Dell or Walsh Western?

Found 13th Apr 2012
My Dell outlet order was shipped on Wednesday, and I had a call on Thursday morning from Dell saying that my laptop should be with me by Today - Friday.

However when I try to track my order with Walsh Western they're still waiting on the laptop, their ETA is Tuesday.

The last thing I'd like to do is miss the delivery / waste my time.

I understand that a lot of folks on here purchase from the Outlet, so who's word would you take?
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Does the tracking information not have a breakdown/follow up of where the parcel is at the moment... Usually it would say something on the lines of 'out for delivery' if it was definitely coming today?
Give them a ring, best thing to do in situations like this.
If you must, phone WW direct.
I heard Walsh Western are pretty bad, but with my laptop they were fine.
I live in a block of flats so I'm a bit worried about them delivering mine...
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