am i wrong in wanting a completion date off the court??

    ok this is a long story so bare with me,
    we sued the builder who built my crappy house , came to an out of court settlement after 4 years of battling, ( builder panicked once we had a court date) so he offered to buy us out at full market value thinking that he could get away with just paying us the original amount we bought the house for and a bit on top to cover costs, so after 4 yes 4 valuation we had the same figure of all 4 he said yes, so we waited 3 months for the money and nothing so on March 5th we signed a tomlin order, they signed a couple of day later, sent it off to the judge to get him to sign ( still waiting) this gave the builder 7 days to pay the portion of cost he offered and until June 1st to complete the purchase of our house. If he doesn then he has to pay us a set amount per month in compensation and the Tomlin order will go back to the judge to be enforced.
    now we've found a house we really wanted , offer has been accepted, mortgage all sorted, conveyance all sorted. Ive managed to get all this sorted within a week!
    now its been 4 weeks since we signed the order,our solicitor is not being helpful with info and is being a bit off when i phone to find out whats going on, The reason i want to know whats going on is i need a date to move, the mortgage company want this, the seller wants this, i want to book a van and start to pack . Personally i dont think the builder is going to come up with the money as he is pleading poverty even though he is STILL paying cash for houses , he has at least 6 rented house that we know about, he wont give any info on his how much money he or the others in the family we sued have .
    Its taken us 4 stressful, expensive years to get this far and it feels like we are back to the start. Am i wrong in wanting a date to move??
    oh yes and we are still £12k out of pocket in costs, theres a lot more to it but i wont bore you

    OK rant over


    If you are waiting for the cash of the builder be4 you can move then you wount be going any where!

    wow whats up with the house? if this has been going on for 4 years, i'd of waited until i got the cash before finding a house maybe moving into familys for a few weeks. You have alot balancing on getting this money in a few weeks when obviously like you say its been going on for 4 years.

    Sheer folly!

    I don't think the builder is in any position to bark orders!


    This the same builder whose wife is a nurse?



    lol feels like thats all he's done since this all started, yes hun its … lol feels like thats all he's done since this all started, yes hun its the same builder, cant afford to sue more then one..LOL

    Couldn't remember if you were the same person. From what I recall you have my every sympathy that this still isn't resolved.

    Get an appointment with your lawyer and tell him to ensure he has news for you when you appear. Face to face dealings are better than over the phone, you're paying his wages at the end of the day. Good luck.

    This is why I rent!
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