Am soooo tired

    Sitting up waiting for the Felix Trinidad V Roy Jones fight but boy am not sure how much longer I can keep my eye lids open. Got up this morning at 7am for work so am close to being awake for 24 hours

    Anyone up still up?


    What channel is it on?

    Original Poster

    Its on Setanta. Its showing a few undercards just now. Dont think the main events on til 5am

    I might watch it, I'm watching Band of Brothers for the 6th time atm.

    You are feeeeling sleeepy.....close your eyes.....and back in the room.

    Original Poster

    Good morning everyone!!

    Just woke up! Glad I stayed up for this but boy did I pay for this!

    Red bull?
    Those American matches, a million pre-fights on before the big fight. You're safe to sleep for a few hours and be sure not to miss it!


    definately a male:roll:
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