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Posted 31st Dec 2019
Hi everyone!

I am off to Las Vegas for a week to get married in June next year (nothing cheesy either... As much as I like Elvis, I refuse to tie the knot by his lookalike).

I would like to document the week as best I can (I.E, not on my phone) and make a bit of a blog... Purely for us to look back on fondly.

I have already bought a Go Pro-type camera (but not as high spec), a mini tripod and a selfie stick. What else would you recommend I buy? I'm not looking to break the bank but would like it to look decent.

Any advice on shooting techniques would be great too!

For those that celebrate, hope you all had a Merry Christmas have a fantastic new year!
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I can’t help with the blogging or camera recommendations, but I can help you with an itinerary (if you haven’t been before and want suggestions on where to go and what to do every day).
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Instagram, along with IG Stories. Yes, it requires a phone but it will be far easier later to view it.
As silly as this sounds... I would take the cameras out and actually use them, even if its just selfies on your walks and panoramic shots and playing with the settings to get the right skills....
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