Amazing 3D Pavement Drawings!

    What can I say....

    Link for more...…htm Julian Beever Pavement Art

    These are all Copyright of the artist © Julian Beever…jpg
    © Julian Beever…jpg
    © Julian Beever…jpg
    © Julian Beever…jpg
    © Julian Beever…jpg
    © Julian Beever…htm Julian Beever Pavement Art


    wow they look so cool. i think the coca cola bottle looks the most real outta those lol

    Original Poster

    Me too It looks like the image has been doctored [by Dr Pepper.. :roll: oh never mind :lol:] But it hasn't The website shows just how much space and work is needed for these!

    His drawings do my head in - they're just amazing, I have no idea how he does it.



    Fantastic!! What a talent!

    I can see the pavement slabs in the last one, but I doubt I would notice that in real life....

    Original Poster

    Yeah noticed those to, but in real life, the drawings are stretched out of perspective and all elongated. It looks like his focal point must be a few hundred yards away. Although the slab lines might help when drawing some of them. There's another on his website of a hosepipe and water on the pavement, very lifelike...

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