Amazing - Black and White to colour!

    Theres a black dot in the centre. Stare at the dot till the countdown ends, and the black and white picture should look like its in colouruntil you move your eyes!


    Not loading for me?

    That is actually real too, not a trick of the animated gif (I tried it without looking and the pic at the end was black and white).

    That's good:thumbsup:

    The explanation is here:…on/
    What’s happening is a process known as chromatic adaptation. If you expose your eyes to a single colour for a period of time, they eventually lose saturation of that colour, causing the complementary colours to appear as an illusionary image when you look away. Basically your brain starts to over-compensate for the saturated colours, so when they’re not there any more the image you see swings too far the other way, into the complements of those colours until you change your focus point.
    The colours surrounding the black dot in the image above form the complements (opposites) for the correct colours for the photo, so when they are taken away the over-compensation makes the picture look as though it is in colour.

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