I usually praise Amazon as they have been quite good in the past , but in the last week i have had a nightmare , first of all i arranged a collection on thursday for someone to collect a faulty item on Tuesday , then when friday come i had no email to confirm this despite telling me i would , so i wrote an email asking them to confirm , then i got an email to tell me its too late to do collection for Tuesday now and that they will do Wednesday and ring me on Tuesday with collection details.

Well nobody bothered to ring me today so i called up myself , spoke to some guy who i could hardly understand and he said it would have to be Thursday now by Royal mail Parcel force ....i was annoyed but i just kept calm and thought ok fine ...he told me he would email me with details , i got an email to ask if my question was answered but no email to say about delivery details.

So then i email about 40 mins ago to ask them to confirm as im getting annoyed now , they now wrote back and told me :We are pleased to confirm we have submitted a request with HDNL , HDNL will contact you to arrange date and time of the collection.

Is some sort of joke or what , what can i do about it as ive been messed about to many times now and now they want to arrange a totally different day again.

Dont have a clue whats going on and now ic ant ring them up cause they are closed! grrrrrr


doesnt sound fun.
Good luck with it

Original Poster


doesnt sound fun.Good luck with it

Thanks , it does make me wonder sometimes what staff they have working at Amazon just lately.

A previous email they sent me went totally off topic and i could hardly make it wondering if Aprils fools has come early lol

Im not sure if Amazon are now using an indian call centre now or what but it seems i cant even get a simple answer to a simple question.

Never really had a problem with them myself.

Had a few things not turn up on the right date etc.

I can remember when i managed to bag a Wii from them they messed me about with dates.

Maybe calls just go through to india when there busy?

Like either get scotland or india
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