Found 1st Oct 2017
Hi all, so I ordered some items off Amazon a few days ago, I revisited Amazon and saw the prices of two items have been lowered, just wondering if anyone has had a similar situation and got the difference in price, thank you!
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Only way now is sending them back and re-ordering them .
as the person above said, order at the lowest price and return the items when you receive them.
Try to chat with Amazon! I had bought a book from them which got priced lower a few days later. They paid me the difference. But they stated this is not normally their policy, they are just being nice as a one-off!
Be aware people have been banned from Amazon for returning stuff unnecessarily
Would you have got in contact with them and offered more money if the prices had gone up?
From my experience if it's sold and fulfilled by amazon then you have a chance. If not they will just ask you to return the item(s).
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