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Posted 15th Dec 2019
Hi I’m new to amazon and can someone tell me what amazon warehouse is. Is it customer returns that they sell on?
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Yes, it can be that and damaged box items too
I've heard that the items are quite hit and miss.
Best when extra 20% off. Keep an eye out for that
I’ve only had one issue with a lot of warehouse purchases. It was a printer and the introductory ink pack wasn’t in it.

I complained and they refunded me the price of the full size inks!
I've had some really good deals from warehouse purchases. The outer box/packaging may be damaged, but I've never had a problem with the items themselves.
I purchased a damaged box vr. Came with the wrong, older version inside the box (someone had ordered and swapped it for their old one), none of the wires and no camera.
I also ordered a child’s imitation hoover, it was described as damaged box however it was brand new immaculate.
So it is very hit and miss.
Use search, view comments, gain insight.
Customer returns, damaged goods, missing parts , damaged packaging etc. Look at the description of each item and it tells you what's wrong with it, like others have said very hit and miss.
Ordered quite a few warehouse items and only had one problem which was a large pet food bin had a huge hole in the side (not done in transit as the broken parts wasn't in the box) everything else has been good, a motorcycle jacket still sealed in the original packet was a good buy at almost 80% off so under £20, some motorcycle handlebar muffs I got this week at £5.67 rather than £31, if the packet was opened ever you couldn't tell. A wheel/tyre tree I bought a few weeks ago the box still had the original seal in tact, would have been disappointed at full price but under a fiver and for my purposes it was spot on keep looking for another one in warehouse now so I have one for my other set of wheels.

You do have to be careful though as sometimes theres not even 10% off the items.
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