Posted 9th Dec 2022
I've not used this option for a few months, have 1 payment outstanding an item that isn't due till next month, yet just discovered, not items, not even Amazon own branded products are showing the 5 monthly option.

Just wondered if it's been switched off just for me, or for everyone.

I don't know why it's been switched off with me, never missed a payment, actually always paid prior to due date, and have a credit card as well as debit card registered in my account.

Anyone else lost this option?

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    They turn it off for people seemingly at random.
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    Mines disappeared a couple of years ago and never came back
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    Anonymous User
    Still there for me. Just looked at Fire Tabs, and currently paying for a Vax this way.
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    Mine comes and goes on both of my accounts. No logic to it.
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    Mines came back this week after disappearing for around 6 months.
    Same for me. Notice today it came back.
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    Hmm, mine just disappeared too. I finished paying for my phone just a month ago and was looking at a laptop a week ago that had the option available but it's now missing.

    Even for low value items like a 7" Fire tablet, no more installment options.

    Just like you say, I have never missed a payment, and even had an Amazon Credit card until it closed down a month or two ago as well - With a couple of payment methods attached to my account.
    I'm hoping it will come back next month. Don't understand what criteria meant i was no longer eligible for the option.
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    Thanks all, just me then.
    I was looking for a laptop, but will now cast a wider net where to buy from.
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    It will be interesting if she comes back with the eligibility criteria for the 5 monthly payment option, if not a reason why it was taken away from me after having it for over 2 years and never missing a payment.
    They won't tell you what their eligibility criteria is; it's business sensitive information and often automated so no one ends up knowing anyway.
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