Found 9th Nov 2005
I didnt know where to put this but it was urgent so here it is.

A couple of minutes ago I was trying to buy a some books from Amazon.co.uk the total price was around £20 so i was looking for the box where to put my £5 voucher to reduce it to £15 and have free delivery.
I coudnt find the box and the total price was actually £35 because of delivery so I clicked on the botton to order ( I thought i might find the box for the voucher in the next page).The it said thank you for your order your will shorty get an email confirming your order.
apparently my card details were saved from a previous payment.
i tried to cancel there is no box for cancelation.
there is no customer services number
no email no NOTHING.

what can i do?
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I think as long as the order hasn't shipped you should be able to view your current orders and then cancel it there...
There was only a botton saying "view Order".
Also the delivery Address is wrong.
Why don't you give'em a call? 0800 2796620
thanks Kommunist

The items were from other sellers so i was told to contact them directly.
Hope they'll reply.
So was it something from their marketplace then?
I still dont know what that is.
Its the first time i buy from their.
IMO marketplace is some sort of eBay-like sales. So you are not dealing with Amazon but rather with individuals. I never bought anything this way, so can't really comment on it.
Yeah if it's from the marketplace I don't think you are able to cancel like you can do with a normal Amazon order. It's not really Amazon but just people like on ebay.

Good luck.
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