Does anyone know


I know what you mean. It's weird that they don't seem to want to emphasise their own item.

I read somewhere this week that amazon make the marketplace sellers charge £4.50 p&P. I don't know what that's all about either.

i have sold items on amazon in the past, just books, kids videos and cd's mostly, they do charge quite a bit really,they also set the postage charged depending what the item is, the only bonus is they take fees ect before you get your money so no owing amazon and dont charge a 'listing' fee and you get 60 days for you item to sell, if it dont they dont charge a penny, however their charges are steep, i dont get what sellers get from selling an item for 1p? lol i.e if i listed a book to sell @ £1.49, amazon charge £2.75 postage for this = £4.24, they then take £1.40 fees then 20p vat (£1.60) leaving the seller £2.64 (who has to pack 'n' post) so if you list an item for a penny, surely you loose?

right i just looked >> to sell a book @ 1p >> + £2.75 p&p = £2.76

amazon take £1.18 + 17p vat, total seller receives is £1.41 (before postage ect lol ) if i remember rightly a book cost around £1.70 to post lol

Yeah I get the idea Amazon have figured out it is far more efficient and profitable for them to let other people sell through their site rather than handle the transactions and fulfillment themselves. It makes sense that it is better for them just to charge the fee rather than sell themselves but it is sure making it annoying to shop on there lately. Personally I hope they clean up their act and stop going down this path. I buy from Amazon because I trust them and their service. I don't want to buy from some random Marketplace seller.

^^^^^ i agree, may aswell use ebay

I bought a pc game from an Amazon marketplace seller and my experience was great.I received the game within 48 hrs with a nice note inside thanking me for my purchase.I got a further email a few weeks later to check if I was happy with my product,a polite request to give feedback as well,but i suppose that is fair enough.
So overall very happy:) Maybe not all sellers are as good as the one I used,but it shows that there are good ones out there.

Yeah I'm not saying Marketplace sellers are all scammers, of course not, what I mean is that they are not Amazon! With Amazon I know the service I am going to get, I know when something is going to be posted, I know if it gets lost they will send me another without hassle, I know the condition of the product will be good, I know they will do what they can to take care of me. With a Marketplace seller I am buying something equivalent to an eBay Store or someones homepage.

So if I go to Amazon it is because I want to buy from Amazon and when they are now mixing Marketplace products in with theirs to the point it is hard to tell them apart I think it is annoying but also it is very deceitful. I bet lots of people are buying thinking it is coming from Amazon and not realising they just bought from a Marketplace seller.

^ That is true, I am pretty savvy I think...not some n00b who doesn't know how to order things online, but a while ago when this 'merge' started happening I ordered an iPod nano thinking it was from Amazon, then i got a confirmation email that made me realise it was marketplace and it said in small print at the bottom the iPod was French stock!

I was thoroughly annoyed and cancelled the order!


All i want is to look at miniSD cards from Amazon and all I can see are the bloomin' marketplace sellers!! This is so annoying!

I got a own brand one, it was very cheap and no p&p charges with Play. I fully recomend them.


I got a own brand one, it was very cheap and no p&p charges with … I got a own brand one, it was very cheap and no p&p charges with Play. I fully recomend them.

Yeah, I now get most stuff from, The free P&P normally make them cheaper!

I use Amazon marketplace sellers quite a lot - they're often far cheaper and I've never had any trouble.

It works well if you want items from marketplace sellers in the US, because they can still only charge Amazon UK postage rates.
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