Amazon A-Z Claim Against ME!

A buyer put in a claim as he claimed he recieved the item damaged.
The A-Z case it still being investigated and the full amount of the item has been deducted from my payments accounts and the fee's associated with the item have not been accounted for meaning that i am losing out on on even more money inlcuding the cost of sending it.
Has anyone else had this trouble with Amazon?


Yes. I had an Amazon seller account with excellent feedback, sold many items from a few quid to over £1k.

A buyer bought a book from me a while back, the book was brand new and I had never read it so was in pristine condition. The buyer waited about a week and a half then put a claim in against me saying that they had received the item and it was damaged therefore not as described.

Amazon refunded the buyer despite my best efforts as stating that it was a new item that was sent. They then tried to take the money back from me but couldnt as I used a payg debit card and it had nothing on it. Just as well coz Amazon then sent me an email saying that they had refunded the buyer and that the buyer was under no obligation to return my item.

Long story short. Buyer gets new book, buyer gets refund.

Amazon did not want to listen nor care about the situation. They ended up freezing my account because I told them I would take them to court for their part in theft.

They totally did not want to know but they certainly didnt want to refund me all the seller fees they made from me which was in the region of £5k.

Be very careful of selling on Amazon. I havent sold nor purchased anything from them for years because of it.

The other scam was buyers buying high value items. I always sent them special delivery. The buyer would wait just before the 120 day time limit on disputing a card transaction then submit a not received claim. Amazon said in emails that if I didnt produce proof of postage and tracking then they would refund the buyer and attempt to get the money from me. Just as well I kept my special delivery slips for over a year. GIRUY Amazon :-D

They also tried to get me to pay £400 in alleged fees that I had not paid. I challenged them on that saying that it was impossible as they automatically deducted the fees prior to releasing the net amount to the seller. Needless to say that they never came back to me.

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Thanks for the reply, think this will be the end of my selling days on Amazon, too much to risk.
So it looks unlikely that Amazon will refund me the fee's ?

to be honest, its highly unlikely unless you can convince them.

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the current status is "Granted" and it says im not responsible for this claim , what does this mean?
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