Amazon and my bank..

How strange..
When I got a mini statement from a cash machine last week, it said that my account balance was £188.
Now after ive put £20 in today its showing as £245.
I went and got a statement and worked out that how much the watch cost (£32) + the £20 nearly equals £240(then i got £5.10 refunded from topman)
I cant work out where this extra £32 has come from apart from my order of the watch..
I ordered it on the 25th and it went out stock and the dispatch date changed to 12th of december. Then it changed the other day to dispatching soon then it said it was dispatched yesterday?
But they took the money out last week and on the mini statement it even said they did..
But now when I look at my big statement(got it after i realised there was more money in my account) there is nothing to say about the £32..
I just rang amazon and they said it has been dispatched and that i have indeed been charged..
Im really confused lol
Anyone able to give me an idea of whats happened.,.


free watch ?? :-)

Im confused too..think its just a glitch, wait until you get it (if you get it) and check again :thumbsup:

Original Poster

Thing is they took the money last week..
and the woman said its definately been dispatched and i got a email to say its been dispatched


I just made some purchases on Amazon Marketplace, got an automated call from my bank telling me about the purchases to a Catalogue Merchant in the United States lol

Means your bank has gone bankrupt and that all your money will belong to us.

Seriously, wait 5 days and see if it all sorts itself out.

Original Poster

mine was off the actual amazon seller if you get me

i agree with a previous comment on waiting 5 days as thats usually the time it takes for these to be resolved
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