Found 15th Feb 2007
Hiya all, i had a motorolla v235 on amazon auctions. I normally sell bits thro amazon marketplace but they didnt have this phone in the marketplace so had to do it thro auction. Neway i got sorta 3 normal bids but now someone has bid for 250 quid i think it is. i rang amazon and they said it did look like it would turn out to be basically a fake but they cudnt like cancel it incase it turned out to be genuine. So anyway she told me to just wait til auction ends see if they pay,if so just ship in out (as long as its a uk address) and dont worry that they are paying dramatically over.................breathe................... but i just feel annoyed that i had genuine bids and that this person will prob b a fake but i cud of sold it :x has ne1 had things like this happen b4?


To be fair it's a legally binding contract.. and amazon should have their address to enforce it. If you get over the odds just take it.. if not relist?

My colleague was selling his mobile on eBay and had exactly the same problem. Everytime he got genuine bids someone would come along and spoil it with a ludicrous offer. Problem was he actually got to the posting stage the first time and nearly lost his phone to them.

To make matters worse eBay are trying to charge him for all his failed listings, which he of course is refusing to pay

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well they have said that they will refund me the auction charges etc, if they dont pay up which i mean come on 250 quid for a bleedin motorola v235 then i think ill just keep it, its so much hassle AURGH the other genuine bids is which annoys me

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u never know maybe its a celeb who dont really want the phone but wants to give me some money lol......................dreammmmmmmmmmm dream dream dream
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