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Amazon Authorisation Charge

Posted 4th Jul 2014
I was just wondering, has anyone ever been charged an authorisation charge from Amazon before?

I placed 3 Amazon orders over the last 2 days. On my bank statement there were 5 charges. 4 of the charges added up the total of the 3 orders, but there was an extra £1 charge that was unaccounted for.

I contacted Amazon to find out what it was and they said:

"When you place an order with Amazon.co.uk or on Amazon.co.uk Marketplace, we contact your payment card's issuing bank to confirm that your card has a valid number, and has not been reported as lost or stolen. Your credit card company can verify that the card is valid, and that the amount of your transaction is available. If the card is valid, and the funds are available, the authorisation hold is placed.
However, we do not proceed with the charge and the GBP 1.00 will not appear as a charge on your credit card statement. This is a security measure that we use to protect our customers. This practice is widely used across the e-retail industry.
Please rest assured you have been charged for your orders in the correct amount. The authorisation of 1.00 GBP will be back to your automatically within 3-5 business days maximum of 7 days."

I just thought it was odd, because the charge came in the middle of all my orders. They had already successfully taken money the previous day then charged an authorsation charge the following day. I didn't see any warning this might happen during the order process, although I guess it might be buried in the T&C.

I had no idea they could reserve funds that weren't attached to and order, I'm ordered loads of crap from there and it's never happened before. £1 isn't going to break the bank or anything, I just don't really like the idea of it and don't really understand why it was necessary. Is that common practice?
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Nearly ever e-commerce business does this.

It never happened with Amazon before but it occur with play.com

I have brought over 350+ items from amazon and they never taken out a £1 for verification.

But who knows they might have done and returned it.
new credit / debit card perhaps?
Yep, even after I've been a customer for over 4 years and my spend is in 4 figures now. I don't know if it's a random selection thing.

The problem is with the bank. Amazon probably don't hold the authorisation funds themselves at any point. I have two different bank accounts in different countries and while my Llyods TSB (well Llyods now ) never gives me a problem with these things, and reverses authorisation charges same day or within 3 days. My other really annoying bank would hold the funds for 30 days. Saying it's for security purposes, and they wouldn't budge on that. They do it repeatedly. I make song purchases on iTunes and this happens all the time. As Apple do a small authorisation charge(they don't actually take the money) on your card then wait for a day then tally all your purchases and make one charge(as they're confident you have a working card). That is, if you buy 10 songs in one day they make only one charge.
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