Amazon "Big Thanks Code" price increase after deal ending

Found 27th Jan
Would just like to know, after using the "Big Thanks" code, have many of you seen big price changes on items you bought with the code?

I had seen people suggest amazon would use such tactics but i am curious if many of you experience this.

I purchased a Corsair tx850i power supply and the price decreased by £7.66 hours after the deal ended, and before i have actually received the item.

I am aware of how amazon's dynamic pricing works, just a little curious is all.
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Bought a computer chair with using the code and it's remained at the same price, although now showing as "in stock in 3-4 days" with Amazon as the seller, the default third party seller is £40 more expensive (but could be due to the high P&P cost showing for me as I'm N.Ireland)
My purchase was £56 using code
Now £84
Bought aSeagate hard drive for £63.72 and used BIGTHANKS, showing today for £63.10 (but just 1 hour after purchasing noticed it was increased to £64.79). They must definitely be using some algorithm software (like the budget airlines) to monitor visits and purchases.
Tried to use the code on a number of different items and the code was not valid, could not find what was excluded so gave up
I’m actually kinda grateful that Amazon does seem to be more expensive nowadays, stops me buying as much from them - I’m aware my loyalty through the years means zilch to them.. plus.. on a side-note, can’t remember the last time I received a CD from them that didn’t have a cracked case
Exchange rate GBP vs USD has improved leading to some prices being reduced on amazon.
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