Posted 28th Nov 2022 (Posted 11 h, 30 m ago)
Just when you think you've proved the whole chat is bot ridden, she then spelt my name wrong in the chat afterwards (New pc install prevents me from proving she called me Micheal, but it happened)4039872-YQTKP.jpg
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    You spelt Eleanor wrong you big hypocrite
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    To be fair, I think I would have refused to answer that question too, seeing as it had absolutely nothing to do with your initial enquiry.
    She likely, thought you were a bot and couldn't wait to get out of there.
    Also, splling mistkes are common, especially when you are very busy at work.
    Looks to me that all she was doing was trying to help and resolve the situation and then you asked a quite odd question. (edited)
    I sat up until 10pm last night, even though I was up for 5am at work. Sorry for a couple of spelling mistakes
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    should be careful with this, you dont want your acc to be bannd
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    Trick question, it would hop
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    I think she did wright. She has certain communication standards and the one her task is to help clients by the questions those are about product

    Work project link
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