Amazon claiming I returned wrong item.

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Posted 29th Mar 2021
Hi all,

I purchased two 18TB WD hard drive from Amazon which had been substantially discounted.

A couple of days later, they went down further in the Spring Sale, so I opted to return them and purchase them again once I had received my refund. Please note, whilst I had opened the Amazon box, the Hard Drives remained unopened and sealed.

Yesterday I received notification that the refund for one of the drives had been refunded but that I would not receive a refund for the second as I had returned the wrong item. On contacting them, I was told that a different item was inside the second hard drive box.

I’m spite of advising them that they had been returned to them security sealed and exactly as they had been sent they are unwilling to refund me until the right item is sent, which I do not have.

A simple web search (and even posts on here) show that this is an issue prevalent with Amazon, especially with high ticket items/phones/computer hardware with people fraudulently returning items and them not being processed correctly. My purchase has been through many ‘hands’ so to speak, including warehouse workers, pickers/packers/ returns processors etc. so I am entirely unsure as to why the blame lies with me.

I am also reticent to do a chargeback on my credit card as I have quite a lot of ebooks/tv shows/audiobooks with Amazon which I will lose access to if my account is closed or such.

Any advice on how to get this matter rectified would be greatly appreciated.
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