Posted 11th Nov 2019
I purchased a £80 gift card on Thursday to get the extra £6 promotion.

on checkout I entered a new card but it still attempted to use my old one. So obviously didn't work so I attempted with my new card after deleating my old one.

I called Amazon to Inform them it was me within half hour I received my Amazon credit and a email to state I no longer needed 2 step verification.

on Saturday I rang up to ask them to price match and the lady said she couldn't access my account as it had been suspended.

she asked me to sign in.

I attempted to sign in twice via my laptop and it would not go through.

her manager told me my account only got blocked after I tried signing in.

So she said as I tried signing in while over the phone they will email account management and let them know.

Then Yesterday Sunday I noticed 3 Christmas presents and a 4th item i'd paid for and money has left my BANK were no longer showing on my account.

I rang he went through every transaction on my account for a month. I verified I had made all the transactions, and he said he would email. the ACCOUNT Management team.

at 1am in the morning I get an email from Account management to state without my NAME on it saying they'd closed my account cancelled all orders that I've paid for as they think someone else has ordered them. They also state that they won't give me my money back that I have to apply to bank to get it back!!! but there is no mention of my £80 gift card, No mention of a Prime refund or the the 32 movies I have purchased through Amazon video or my Amazon Music account, only that if I wish to order I need to open a new Amazon account!
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