Amazon Closed my Buyer Account

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Posted 3rd Oct 2019
Hello all.

My question is very simple. I have been an Amazon and a Prime member for some time. I have ordered a considerable quantity of goods from them. I have returned some and been refunded for others. This is due to problems with delivery - i.e. some items being missing from orders, defective goods or simply wanting to return.

I have been informed that my account has been closed. I can still access my account to view my downloads and such, but I am not permitted to purchase anything anymore. They no longer wish to sell to me. I strongly disagree with their decision and I have questioned it several times. Every time I question it I get the same email telling me my refunds/returns rate is abnormal and they can no longer process refunds/returns for me at this rate.

I have given up trying to resolve it and called it a day. However, there are two other individuals living with me with their own separate accounts - both of whom use different devices and payment methods.

My question is will the two people living with me also have their accounts restricted because they use the same delivery address as me? I have spoken with them to see if they got similar emails. They said they have never had an email like that. They both buy a lot from Amazon and very rarely return anything.

Though I am extremely disappointed that my account is no longer valid, I’d feel even worse if the other two living with me were penalised also. What that would amount to is the loss of three customers because of a false decision on one.

Let me know what you all think.

Thank you.
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