Amazon Clothing - Fake or Official?

Posted 28th Mar 2011
Hi All,

I'm looking to buy some Ed Hardy T-Shirts as a gift and noticed that Amazon are selling some (presumably older season releases) for relatively cheap. I wanted to know if the Ed Hardy T-Shirts being sold and dispatched by Amazon (as detailed on the product page) are likely to be real? I would hate to buy a fake one as a gift!

An example of an item listed as dispatched and sold by Amazon:…8-1

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would need to see the labels really.
they will be real-it is actually amazon and not one of their marketplace sellers so Im certain they will be genuine
Same as Barky says, it's going to be the real thing.

eBay often have sales on their stuff on Ed Hardy's page on there, i got a couple of tees for £15 reduced, check them too
The Basic shirts are only £37 directly from Ed Hardy so £30 from Amazon does not seem to be too cheap to arouse suspicion.…All

Edit: some of the Basic shirts are even less expensive:…249

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Cheers, thanks for the advice guys!

I've ordered two from Amazon, lucky they both come with a 30 day returns option in case I do need to send them back for whatever reason. The stuff on the official Ed Hardy site looks good but cant afford to be stung by customs!
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