Posted 27th Jan 2023
Any idea about the most effective way to escalate a complaint at Amazon
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    Chat is a complete and utter waste of time, you will go round and round in circles talking to people who know nothing. The only way is:
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    Their live chat or via phone call.
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    Have tried but no joy, given the run around
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    I have tried that but it bounced back saying that this email address no longer accepts incoming messages so any help would be greatly appreciated
    Most likely overwhelmed with complaints due to the crappy service. They have done me out of nearly £100 this week.
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    depends on who you get on chat. had a complaint a few months back and got no joy from the first attempt. tried again, an hour later, and they caved straight away (3 year old unused gift card that had apparently already been claimed - they refused to say by whom or when)
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    It's ridiculous they don't have a complaints department
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    Got reply after using that one from the "Executive Customer Relations" team. (edited)
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    any issues ive used live chat, but I've never had to make a serious complaint just sorting the usual errors of something out.
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    Live chat and ask for a manager and don't take no for an answer.

    I've pushed for refunds of £400+ due to items not arriving on returns or them claiming I've sent back the wrong item.
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