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Posted 6th Dec 2022 (Posted 15 h, 40 m ago)
Hi, does anyone know who would be best to contact via email about an issue regarding my amazon account credit?

I basically had a gift code credit on my account and I asked whether it would be possible to remove the credit and assign it to a new redemption code.

The agent, however, removed the credit and reassigned it to the initial redemption code, despite me specifically stating that I did not have access to it in the initial query, and then went ahead to tell me there was no way of getting the credit back without me having the initial code.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    I feel dizzy now
    Sorry, it was terribly worded, I have tried to rephrase it to make it sound a little more clear.
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    Email the new CEO at ajassy@amazon.com
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    Email Jeff Bezos at jeff@amazon.com (Amazon Office); jbezos@amazon.com
    Thank you. Much appreciated.
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    the agents never actually listen on there....
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