Found 18th Mar 2008
I applied and got one last week. Received my card and stuff today and its activated. However, im just wondering how i go about getting the £15 vouchers? I remeber reading a letter from them saying i had to order £15 on it from amazon before i would get the vouchers?

Anyone confirm what i need to do?



I recieved the credit in my Amazon email account

Cant remember having to spend any money on it to get them though
was about 6 months ago though

I had mine when I first used the card. It was when they gave £25 and I used the card for a £1+ payment.

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Damn missed out of that £25 offer taasda. Oh well £15 will do me. I'm pretty sure i read that it was any spend, then i would recieve the voucher on my account within the two weeks i believe.

Thanks for the help.

I`ve been waiting 2 months for my £15:x


I`ve been waiting 2 months for my £15:x

it does take a while but hold on in there, its not a bad deal getting £15 for buying a chocolate bar lol

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Does the first purchase have to be on amazon itself to get the vouchers?

Isn't it the case when you have to get something!

Found my email

Dear MasterCard Customer

Congratulations! Your application for the MasterCard has been approved by Halifax (a division of Bank of Scotland plc) and a £15 credit has been applied to your account for you to spend on your next purchase. Please remember to complete, sign and return the paperwork that will be sent to you within the next few days from Halifax. On receipt of the paperwork by Halifax, you will be sent the MasterCard within 10 business days. You will then be able to start taking advantage of the great rates and great loyalty programme detailed at [url][/url]. In accordance with the terms & conditions of the £15 Credit Promotion, if you do not return the paperwork, activate and purchase on your MasterCard within 90 days of receipt of this e-mail, the £15 Credit Promotion will be debited from the default payment card associated with your account or, if unused, removed from your account. Please visit…tml for the full terms & conditions.
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