Posted 21st Jan 2021
Is it me or is there a hardening in Amazon CS stance. I’ve just spent a circular hour going around new around regarding a watering can shown in a picture of one of those ‘grow your own’ kits. No watering was present in package and in the ‘small print’ it doesn’t say it does include the can, but if a similarly sized to the box watering can is shown with the rest of the items that WERE included, surely I shouldn’t have to look at effectively the small print to see if it is or isn’t.

I also read years ago, that due to the corporate structure bing set up via Luxembourg for tax purposes, this gives you the Luxumbourg standards of consumer rights which are a lot stronger than the the UKs, is that correct?

they are also now claiming that they can’t send chat logs from online chats anymore, which I find suspect as I’ve had them sent before, and finally

Finally I got into a big argument yesterday with them cancelling a ‘like new’ warehouse deal for something like £27 quid, on the morning the item was due to arrive. Granted the item was £90 or so new, so I was narked I missed a great bargain, but I specifically chose the like new over a ‘very good’ with slight cosmetic damage for £25, so it’s not as if it was a genuine misprice. They said the the supplier’ presumably another corporate entity of Amazon couldn’t supply the goods, however it briefly then reappeared at £100+ quid until intentioned it to the CS assistant, and it disappeared shortly after.

I must sound like the customer from hell, I just don’t appreciate being told porkies and have noticed a distinct changing of the way Amazon deal with complaints these days. And was wondering if it’s just me or a more common experience. Cheers
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