Amazon - Customers Vote Offer - HELP???

Hi -

My girlfriend has just been on to Amazon to look for a Wii and when she searched there were two results.

Standard one that just lists the market traders rip off priced Wii's but there was another option that said:

"Nintendo Wii Console (includes sports pack) - Customer Vote Offer" Total price £179.99. Get it in 44 hours if express delivery is used".

From the info I read Amazon.com have used the customer vote offer in the past to give people a lottery type chance of winning one and loads of people rave about it and other say its a scam.

Has anyone purchased a customer vote offer Wii and did it go through ok?

Thanks for any help in advance - Mark


stay away. Its not a scam but you have a small chance to get it and a large chance to be out of pocket

Original Poster

no problem - thanks for the info

Care to elaborate? Are you saying amazon will steal your money? Seems kinda unlikely. I read around a bit and seems they used to do this on a first come first served basis and it was difficult to get on the site. But now you get randomly allocated the chance and have to check in a certain time period. btw currently stands at 47% ps3 40% wii 13% xbox, I voted wii really thought it would be top :thinking:

i got my wii through the customer vote offer .

they were only on sale for a few minutes before they were all gone though
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