Amazon Deal AK1 Mini PC 8GB RAM 120GB ROM Windows 10 Pro Celeron J3455 Processor Mini Computer Desktop Dual HDMI Output

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Have been looking for a micro PC, mainly to run Sky Go on a TV and Projector, this has 2 HDMI outs, 8GB which sounds like what i need but I don't know if this is a good deal or not with this processor? It might not matter if I'm just streaming on it? Looking for advice or alternatives. thanks
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I think that machine will suit your needs just fine. Some may say the disk space could be a weakness. With bloat and updates the system files could eat up a quarter of the 120GB. I'd say go for it
Will do the job you want, I personally prefer an Intel Nuc, they are more solid and better CPU, CEX don't have stock at the moment but I highly reccomend them, 2 years warranty on items (refurb)

This is what I picked up for £150

Intel NUC D54250WYKH/i5-4250U/8GB Ram/240GB SSD/Windows 10/B

changing topic, you have checked that sky go works on your windows Tv correct? as I know some sky go accounts are mobile only ect
If your main requirement is Sky Go, may be worth picking up a cheap second hand PS3, I have 2 in the house running the Sky Go app with no issues.
Great, thanks all

Yes I can run it from laptop to TV via HDMI so hopefully this should work
The seller offering that almost suspiciously low price compared to next seller up though... 89% positive reviews, item ships direct from Amazon with 1 day delivery.

And disappointingly this PC has a SATA drive not SSD. Initially I'd assumed SSD due to the modest disk capacity. That'd my dealbreaker as SATA can take frustratingly long to boot Windows or launch programs. Windows updates can seem to take half a day with SATA. SSD would be future proof.
My current solution is an old laptop with a broken screen under the TV. It is slow due to SATA drive but I usually sleep it so just about fit for purpose.

To control it I have this little handheld keyboard, not much bigger than a remote control.

ESYNIC Mini Wireless Keyboard 2.4G XBMC Keyboard Touchpad Mouse Combo- Multi-media Portable Handheld Keyboard- for British Layout-Black…KWW

At just under £12 it's far handier than remoting to the laptop to control streaming.
Looked alright I tried to post this on the deals this morning but got deleted due to the seller
Daily deal's vanished!
Well I did say The seller offering that almost suspiciously low price...
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