Amazon deal:Gandhi: As We Have Known Him.(book) Save £937.49

Amazon deal:Gandhi: As We Have Known Him.(book) Save £937.49.Cost £7.50. 99% saving.

Fantastic reduction if this is your cup of tea.Not mine i'm afraid.



That's a ridiculosly priced book (original price!) on a wonder man Gandhi

hehe I'm quite sure it is an error at Amazon edi

It also says "Paperback 15000 pages (December 1, 2004)"

Isn't 15,000 pages a bit long?? Would that make it the longest book ever?? If it really is that big then the original price might be correct, lol.

The person who put it online must have been tired!

A quick google search on the ISBN no gives:
published 2005 (one year later than ducky's)
Physical Description: 338p., Plates; Appendix; Index; 23cm.

I presume the 338p means 338 pages!
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