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Posted 5th Jul 2022
Anyone having issues with 'Declined Payment" notifications from Amazon UK?

I have tried two VISA debit cards (different banks) and whenever I tried and buy something, five minutes later I get a "Declined Payment" message via SMS from Amazon.

Have phoned them and they say contact your bank.

Contact my banks and they say there is not even a request for payment reaching their system.

I have even been forwarded to the "Verified By VISA" team and placed an order through Amazon while still on the phone to see if anything registered on their system.

The bank says that it must be something to do with Amazon's system doesn't meet the new standards required under some new "Payment Services Regulations", but Amazon say they are fully compliant.

I have even registered a new account and used the same card and get the same error message a few minutes after placing an order.

What I have noticed is that every other retailer makes be either get an OTP or make me log into my banking apps to confirm the payment is not fraudulent, but I never get this with Amazon UK.

This is the first time anything like this has happened to me in over 15 years of being an Amazon customer, so have to ask, is anyone else experienceing problem like this?
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  1. cazw1973's avatar
    Has happened to me numerous times.Imagine how much custom Amazon are losing by not sorting this issue out.
    Kb64's avatar
    Unfortunately they don't seem that bothered about resolving it
  2. Judge-Jury-Executioner's avatar
    Judge-Jury-Executioner Author
    Yeah, exactly like that!

    Oddly, when I searched in the main HUKD search box, nothing relevant came up.

    I'll add my take to that thread too as I guess there will be a lot of "Isolated Incidents" according to Amazon.

    There must be a common theme between those that have this issue, but Amazon are reluctant to help or they are jumt incompetent.
  3. NicPowell's avatar
    I've had it a few times and I even use Amazon's own credit card, when I contacted Amazon they said it was the card company's fault, when I called them they said it was Amazon's fault
  4. Kb64's avatar
    I contacted them about this many times and they said the issue is with the bank, but as you said they hadn't even sent a request for payment to the bank so nothing they could do.

    After contacting Amazon again they promised me a call back after someone had looked into it, I received no call.

    I contacted them again and they assured me the problem was fixed but a few days later it happened again when I tried to place an order.

    So I contacted them again and once again they told me to contact the bank, it was infuriating and I have since cancelled my Prime membership as it doesn't look like they'll be fixing this anytime soon.
  5. CalmerChameleon's avatar
    I gave up after they couldn't resolve it. I resorted to changing my payment method to a credit card, the getting the card company to clear the balance every month. (edited)
  6. chrb's avatar
    Exactly the same happened to me a few years ago . So used a different bank card and sorted the issue
  7. optrex10's avatar
    I have a MasterCard but for the first time yesterday I was asked to log into my baking app and get the online card payment details code on the card details page so it might be some teething issues.
  8. YouAreMySolskjaer's avatar
    I suffered the exact same issues back in May and June but all seems to be working fine now. I kept having to remove my card details and re add them. I didn’t even get charged prime for them two months but still had it.
  9. milkshake22's avatar
    It happened to me few months back, bank and Amazon was blaming each other , Amazon removed my 12/6 months instalment option it’s not back yet annoying. (edited)
  10. tighty's avatar
    Happened to me past 2 months but only on S&S purchases. Bank blamed Amazon for not providing the correct verification and Amazon blamed bank for their 2 step verification process.
    The problem appears to be that, at times, your bank will ask for approval via the app/code and usually you provide that at the time. However S&S purchases are taken in the middle of the night and you are not there to verify them. NOT that i have notifications from the bank telling me of needing verification.

    Very annoying and seems nothing i can do
  11. Stargate-Command's avatar
    I'm having this same problem. Amazon blame my bank and my bank blame Amazon. Anyone found a fix? 🤦‍♂️
  12. Rick_fTk's avatar
    Yep. After months of trying to rectify I now just use my partners card to pay for it
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