Found 8th Jan 2015
Not a deal as such but may affect many others so thought heads up might help someone. Have just ordered three items from three different suppliers via Amazon and have just received three separate messages significantly revising the delivery date saying that this is "
Due to an unexpected delay". Mods do what you want with this but is anyone else getting this?


mine got delivered a day early today instead of tomorrow. ordered on Sunday. Sorry to hear yours is. You should complain it might get you a freebie especially if package is urgent

I got it too

If you have Prime and you complain they normally give you a month free. Got about three free months over Christmas

My mate ordered 20 things(!) on Boxing day. Only 3 have been delivered so far!!

I've had no issues. I've ordered a few items the past few days that have all arrived next day with Prime. One item that was back-ordered and expected on 9th came today too.

I've had a delivery that was supposed to have been delivered on Monday. Each day it has made it onto the van but hasnt been delivered yet. Contacting Amazon doesnt do anything as they call the courier (Hermes) and they escalate it so that it is supposed to be delivered before noon the next day and nothing happens. Getting pretty fed up to be honest.

Amazon logisitics have been pish poor for a couple of months now.

Makes me want to cancel my prime membership
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no real problems over christmas and even had two calendars delivered next day even though they were supposed to be that what ever its called delayed delivery with the £1 mp3 code, however 2 orders on Boxing day were delivered late. One kids lego came a day late should have seen his face when we gave him a box with what we thought was lego but turned out to be his mams sports bra!! any way complained to amazon and they gave us a £5 voucher
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