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Posted 29th Jun 2021
I'm not too fond of having my whole neighbourhood knowing I'm the proud owner of a 4k TV, which is what happens when the delivery driver brings out the item without any package. Amazon have now delivered 2 packages like this. They usually give you a heads up at checkout and the option to choose to have it packed in Amazon packaging, but not anymore it seems. It's also a problem if I want to sell the item, affixed the original packaging is a huge label with my name and address. I would like to know what they do with items with labels on them when they are returned, as this would cause problems for them too.

If this was for the environment (which I doubt as it probably just saves them time in the logistics process), then they could at the very least just throw on some packing paper. Very strange.

Apparently, you can prevent this by ticking "this is a gift" when in the basket view. I'll be doing this for each order now. Having your items exposed like that with the original packaging damaged with a packing label and tape around the opening should not be the default.
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