Posted 27th Oct 2021
Is it just me or are others having delivery problems with Amazon. I have items ordered 4 months ago still awaiting stock to deliver and now more and more they are missing delivery dates on stuff they have in stock and I can still order. A couple of weeks ago I had an order they returned to base , said it was damaged in transit, for a refund. Had to get on to customer service to get them to send a replacement instead that was delivered next day, 4 weeks later I had an email to say they had just got the original back. Yesterday I had 3 orders due and none of them showed as dispatched but the delivery time kept going out ( today by 8pm then 9pm ,etc.). Checked the tracking just before 9 pm and it said this on all 3 orders ' Undeliverable, Unfortunately, a problem occurred during shipping and we had to cancel your delivery. The package is being returned, and we will issue a refund within 5 - 7 business days after the return is processed. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.' Got on to Customer Services and they say the orders are still live and will be delivered by Friday. Orders are still in limbo this morning but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. My question is why do they always seem to want to go down the refund route instead of just sending out a replacement? Will update on how this pans out but my faith in Amazon is diminishing. CS did eventually give me a credit of £5 for the inconvenience on my second chat visit last night.
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