amazon delivery times

not sure where to post this so...
there are a couple of things on Amazon I'm after, cos they're £40 cheaper than anywhere else, but it says 2 to 4 weeks delivery
should I take this as gospel, or am I likely to never get them ?
been here before with another e-tailer and they never arrived



Usually when it has delivery times of that scale its an indicator that Amazon will supply on order. Basically once you order it, Amazon will then order it from their supplier, hence the longer waiting times.

I've never ordered this way so cant say for certain, but if its saving you a fair whack in cash and its being ordered directly from Amazon and not an Amazon Marketplace seller then your purchase is covered by their buyer protection so you'd get your money back in the event that they couldnt supply. Not good if its a Christmas pressy for someone though! lol

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thanks Steven, the items I want are £200 or more elsewhere and Amazon have them at £160 so guess I'll order and see what happens

and yes, they're sold by Amazon not on Marketplace


Whenever I've ordered fro Amazon with a delivery time of say 2 - 4 weeks, I've normally received the goods in far less actual waiting time. In fact the Bond dvd's that I ordered on Saturday showed a wait of 7 - 10 days but I received them this morning.

Amazon just use this waiting period as a guide and more often than not the stock arrives much quicker than stated.
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