Amazon are testing a cut-price Prime Subscription (Prime Lite)

Posted 16th Jan 2023
Amazon are testing a new Prime membership tier in India: Prime Lite.

"Amazon are currently testing a Prime Lite subscription in India that offers free delivery in two days, no minimum order value for FREE Standard Delivery and access to the Prime Video streaming platform (SD only).

With this yearly subscription, users can access benefits such as " free two-day delivery and Prime Video ", for a much lower price. (Yearly discount equates to roughly 1/3 of the total price)

Other than the ads, Prime Lite would not include same-day delivery, Prime Music , free eBooks, and Prime Gaming."

UK bound too...?



Once the testing is complete, we could see Amazon rolling it out as a cost-effective subscription plan for those who want access to the Prime shopping experience and Prime Video. (My guess is Amazon may complete a test phase for Prime Lite fairly swiftly and then extend this to the European markets as well).

Any potential takers for Jeff's new plan if offered to the UK market?

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    SD Video= Nope. BIG Nope.

    And as for Prime Delivery: delivery on orders under £20 is free to a pick-up point anyway. Since I prefer pick-up, I've no reason to pay for Prime delivery.
    Cheers for that info.
    I never knew that!
    Will save me adding stuff up to £20
    Thanks @Muig1972
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    Prime has been gradually getting worse over the last couple of years - think it's since Covid and Brexit really. I'm noticing that half the time I'm ordering items they seem to take 2 to 4 days as an estimated delivery time, so if a "Lite" version were to be applied it would certainly be interesting to see how these estimated times are affected.

    I do like Prime a lot, but with their recent increase and worsening service I'm honestly just sticking to using any free trials provided to me, so maybe a cheaper service would be tempting. (edited)
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    I'd go for it, I think. |Don't watch Prime video and don't mind not getting same day delivery.

    And hopefully costing less than student prime.
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    Don't bother with Prime video, but boyf does (I'm sharing a family account at the moment with my side).

    I do sometimes download the free ebooks (every month) and Prime Gaming has some great games (last played Suzerain and loved it, even though I obviously wasn't ruthless enough, going by others' experiences of the game!), so I'd be a bit torn.

    I don't mind slower delivery at all - it's only once in a while something's needed urgently. (edited)
    Funnily enough I actually watch prime video more than Netflix lol
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    I liked when they offered an account credit for £1 or £2 when you chose a slower shipping service. So either keep rate the same but let you choose a credit for slower shipping or a reduced fee but offer next day for a £1 or so premium.
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    I'd be interested in a slower delivery service. Prime same day and next day is nice but not required 99% of the time. It would allow them to better optimise their deliveries to save fuel etc surely?

    We canceled our Prime, it was good, but too much we felt.

    SD video doesn't belong in 2023. (edited)
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    SD video is a bad move
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    My prime was due to renew on the 23rd, but no way im paying £90. Just came off student prime where I was only £39 for the year so it's a big jump.

    I barely watch prime video and don't use the music service or the reading. About the only benefit I use is the odd twitch sub and I usually redeem the games on Prime Gaming but never actually end up playing them. Same with the First Reads.

    So yeah, I'd probably go for a "lite" option. I order enough that I'll miss my sub and free delivery when it's finished so it'd work for me. Don't mind the delivery speed so long as it's free.
    You can share prime membership with one family member wink wink

    You can't do that on prime student

    So honestly splitting it there is no difference
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    I can confirm as I've been testing their student sub for the past few years
    I’ve been testing it for 8 years, then got told last year I could only get it for 4 years maximum. On complaining they extended 1 additional year, but in a few days time it expires and I have to pay full price :-(

    Time to cancel me thinks
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    As a long term student, I'm not willing to give up Same/next day delivery.

    Also watching prime video in SD on the latest 4k TVs would be terrible.

    I'm not sure how popular this will be. Doesn't seem that attractive.
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    I find even the free delivery without Prime excellent. Often arrives next day for me. Agree that SD video could be it's downfall.
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    My Student Prime has ended and my renewal at full price is due out next Thursday and I'm probably going to pay it as well as I do find the next and same day delivery quite useful and the grocery deliveries are also quite handy for my elderly mother.

    There have been a few occasions where i've gotten things for free as well due to some delivery cock-ups where they've just automatically refunded me but I've still ended up getting the item.

    It's literally the only part of Prime I use though, although I'm currently watching Jack Ryan on Prime Video to be fair.
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    I cancelled Prime a few years ago. I realised that most of the time when I am looking for a book, music, blu-ray etc Amazon is rarely the cheapest. Moreover, the last few things that I have ordered from Amazon (as a non-Prime user) have arrived the next day anyway, so I'm not sure that I see the point in paying for Prime or even Prime-lite. To be honest I am surprised that Amazon don't delay delivery for non-Prime users, but perhaps it is easier just to ship stuff out rather than sit on it.
    Delivery time depends on where you live and the current demand. The reason they don't delay is bcos there are other people who may have prime or delivery due the same day. It makes no sense to hold off and do a separate trip in this case. So it is cheaper and more efficient to deliver on the same day.
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    Nearly always same or next day delivery for me. We have a family share well worth it.
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    I think the varied experience of Prime delivery depends where you live? When I'm in Glasgow (Amazon Logistics 95% of the time) I can get same-day delivery on many things, Amazon Fresh, one-day delivery on Prime.

    Here in the Highlands it's a lot slower, no Amazon Logistics so it's (mostly) Royal Mail, sometimes Evri or DPD - I cringe when an ArrowXL email comes in (usually big purchases like white goods), as you have to rebook a delivery which makes it take even longer.

    Royal Mail's recent strikes and backlog (not sure of the latest on that) are probably to blame for some of it. Evri are just, well, Evri.
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    My Prime expires on the 19th - there really is nothing keeping me subscribed and they failed to deliver several items next day anyway, so Ill not renew...
    I agree. Given that prime does not even deliver next day in many cases, I feel as though it would be a bad move as many would go to Amazon and demand a refund on prime if a delivery is past one day. There is also the knock on consequences of this, potentially meaning they will slowly take away free delivery if you spend £20 so overall I would be against this scheme.
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    Just cancelled the auto renewal of Prime, as it doesn't offer any incentive not to.
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    Haven’t had prime in a long while. I just order things to their lockers and more often then not it arrives next day anyway.

    This might sway me if the price is low enough.
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    Offering SD video for any price in 2023 is an absolute joke. If they fix that it sounds like it could be good
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    They can grab their ankles and hold their breath ... I will NOT pay to shop !
    Most stuff can be had for free postage, or be sent to the zillions of lockers for nowt.
    The gear just isn't cheap enough to warrent a "subscription " at any price.
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    I can't remember the last time I got same/next day delivery on prime, everything is taking at least 2/3 days and 2 orders this year have been lost in transit. I can't even choose my delivery day or group my deliveries together anymore. Needless to say, I won't be renewing
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    I would be up for this if prime video wasn’t just SD. Don’t use any of the other prime ‘freebies’ anyway.
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    When I can no longer get free student prime that'll be it for me, I'm not paying for a delivery service and prime video is pretty poor. As long as you can get free delivery to lockers then they'll be fine.
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    No Clarkson = No Prime
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    This thread has inspired me to cancel my Prime this morning.

    The delivery part of Prime has gone down the toilet recently and needing something quickly was really the only reason to have it as I try and use smaller retailers for the majority of my purchases. Whether it's due to under-investment in infrastructure, supply chain problems or over-demand, it seems to be happening more and more that you'd have something ordered for next day, only for it to be pushed back to a couple of days then eventually updating with an estimated delivery time of "later in the month" essentially.

    This is coupled with a demonstrable drop in their customer service quality has made shopping with Amazon a pretty miserable experience recently - certainly post-Covid.

    The other thing for me is that Prime video seems to have suffered terribly recently. So many shows and movies have gone rent or buy only and the Prime movies and TV that aren't Amazon studios, seem to be absolute rubbish. There's just no sensible reason for paying £9 a month now.

    I'm going to try other people's suggestions of using the lockers - these are far more convenient for me anyway as Amazon tracking is awful.
    I have to admit I'm heading that way although the fact I get it slightly cheaper with student prices is the only thing keep me subbed at the minute, I wouldn't pay it at full price.

    The shopping experience has also become absolute horrific as well with so many chinese products being promoted/sponsered also completely irrelevant for what I'm searching for.
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    I might go for it although I’m going cold Turkey when my sub runs out in March. I can’t recall the last time I actually received something from them next day, it’s usually two days. Never watch their TV. I use Amazon photos however I’m still within the free space. Don’t use anything else. (edited)
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    From what I recall Amazon Prime in India is not the same as in the UK. They only offer two types of membership:

    Amazon Prime - all inclusive like the one offered in UK.

    Prime Video Mobile - Which is Prime Video in SD for mobile access.

    They don't sell Prime Video or Prime Music or Kindle Unlimited as separate packages. Therefore offering a lite plan there is workable. The lite plan is the around the mid price point between their current two plans.

    Here in the UK they offer multiple plans including subscriptions for standalone services. So if they do decide on a Lite offering I doubt it would be cheaper than £6.99 per month. (edited)
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    Will there be an even cheaper Prime Lite Student tier?
    Yeah, you can order pot noodles for free only and you can watch prime video only on your mobile.
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    Personally don't feel Prime offers much value anymore. Amazon is hardly price competitive anymore, and I find their search results to be awful recently. You get so much random stuff appearing in the results, it's become pointless unless you are willing to spend a substantial time searching through to eventually find what you are looking for. In the past few months, on a number of occasions there has been stuff advertised available for next day delivery and then once you get to ordering stage the delivery date changes to a week or so later. I probably move to prime video subscription once my current annual one ends next week.
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    Don't even get next day delivery on prime now
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    Just brought 4 items today on prime, one due next day the other Thursday, the other Friday and the other on Saturday. I thought the whole person was to bundle things together to make it more efficient fuelwise, plus it's inconvenient as I have to be in every day as opposed to one day. That's even if they actually ring the doorbell and hand it over to me as twice this year, delivery drivers have just left the package at the door.apartt from that tv shows aint bad. dont use anythign else though, thier music service is dire.
    Think you have to tick the box that says deliver all together?
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