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Posted 21st Dec 2020
So I'm expecting two parcels today from Amazon, ordered yesterday on prime next day delivery. Earlier on today the tracking link appeared on my phone. 8 stops away! I go do some stuff in the house and look again, 1 stop away! so the pin of the driver doesn't move then for like 15 minutes. I figure they must be having a break, having trouble finding an address, trying to take a pee in the woods, who knows. No problem.

Anyway after about 15min it starts moving, heading to my address. I check the gate is unlocked..From my house I can't see anything in the street from the downstairs window so I have to go upstairs, on the tracking it's showing as outside. I look out the window and there's a white van parked up directly outside. I wait patiently for him to get out. I could see he's fiddling with his phone attached to the windscreen this goes on for approx 15min,. which is the same time he spent at previous drop off according to the map.

As he takes hands away from the phone and shuffles in his seat I figure he's about to get out. but no, he then starts the engine and reverses out and drives away. At no point did he leave his van. I look at the tracking and sure enough the little pin is moving away, the tracking disappears after he gets a few miles away.

My first thought was he's marking them as delivered and stealing the packages. But after he'd drove off, they still aren't showing as delivered, so I really don't know what he was playing at. I called Amazon and explained what I'd saw, gave them the vehicle details. They were rather unconcerned, said I should wait until tomorrow and if not arrived they'll refund.

Anyone know what could be the explanation for this? I'm hoping they arrive today or tomorrow but to be honest based on what I saw I'm not hopeful. I've never had any issues with Amazon deliveries.
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