Amazon Echo

Has anyone got one of these? Are they worth the money? Or just a fad toy? Are these any good for music Iphone / Ipod connection etc? What are the pros and cons of these?


I have some friends that love them and im thinking of getting one myself. I'm waiting for the Black Friday when im sure they will go back down to £99 like on lunch day. Still think they are a gadget you don't need though you can do most through your phone / tablet

I am a huge Amazon fan, but tbh I think the Google Home looks better.

I am undecided about buying an Echo in the meantime as I guess we won't see Home in the UK for several months.

Google home is much better but not out in UK yet. Amazon echo is good is you use Amazon stuff and are content using the apps they provide I guess. Where as Google home syncs with your Google account. If you want something to link your iPhone too just get a Bluetooth speaker

I have the amazon dot and it is great. have linked it to a bluetooth speaker and it is always there for setting alarms checking and adding to your calander playing my music but I do have an amazon account it can even tell you a joke, etc etc a sort of always available siri, cortana or google but better and you dont have to find your phone and switch it on.
It will develop further I am sure,and even at present it can control some devices if you have the right say heating controls.
For £49 it is great fun, usefull and my granddaughter is hoping to use it for her sums
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