Amazon Echo Dot any good?

Just looking at these Amazon Echo Dot gadgets and wondered whether it's any good or not really? Anyone had experience with these?


I have the big version not the dot, I like to put it near a wall on full volume and ask it to define alexa and it gets stuck in a loop because of the echo

what do you do on your saturdays?
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I have the Echo (full size) and the Dot (small one). The dot is practically the same as the Echo except for the speaker and the buttons on top. The Dot's speaker is more like an OK sounding laptop speaker but you can connect it to an amp/better speakers for better sound than the Echo if you wish.

Whether you'll find it useful really depends on you. The voice recognition is very good (about 80-90%), and the device is good at the limited (but expanding) things you can do with it eg play radio, play music, define/spell things, tell a joke, create todo/shopping lists, check weather/time, read audio books, control other devices etc.
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depends what you want it to do, I have 2 Dot's and an Echo and use mine for internet radio, Spotify, Amazon Music and to turn my Hue lights on and off via my voice.

bit of a gimmick

I just bought a dot based on the good reviews and the fact I'm a gadget loving person , haven't used it yet though but I think it will be more than just a novelty


bit of a gimmick

Not a gimmick in my house, genuinely useful.
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