Posted 17th Feb 2023 (Posted 10 h, 55 m ago)
I bought an Amazon Echo 4th generation, not the Dot, a few months ago, I've been umming and ahhing about pairing it with another.
So today I decided to go for it and get another one.
Last time I looked - a week or so ago - the price was around £69. Today the price is £109.99.
I've never seen them priced at that - are Amazon restructuring pricing or something?
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    Anonymous User
    The prices are usually lower round about "events" - so last week was Valentine's Day. Wait a few weeks for Mothering Sunday, and the price should drop again.
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    Anonymous User
    OP says Echo, not Echo Dot.
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    Just the same game all retailers play. You know an offer is on the way when the prices artificially increase at some point. Allows them to say there is a bigger % drop and saving. People believe it to.
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