Posted 16th Apr 2020
Heya all

I recently bought the Amazon Eero mesh wifi to boost wifi connection to the bedroom. I live in a flat and the bedroom is next to the living room which houses the Eero (and my router). The router is a Virgin Superhub 3 and has been set to modem only mode.

Setting everything up with the Eero has been pretty straightforward and I was impressed with how it worked. However, since Sunday (when I got the Eero) my main Sky Q TV box has lost connection with the Eero despite them being within 3ft of each other. With the main box losing connection, the secondary Q mini box in the bedroom also loses connection. It's a pain to have to redo the network setup and have to enter the password again in order to get working.

The Eero does have one ethernet output which I'm using for something else so the option for a direct ethernet connection is a no go for me.

Does anyone have any experience with this or know of any settings on the Eero I can try? If I can't get this issue sorted then I think the Eero will have to be sent back.

Many thanks in advance
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