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im sure i saw a post the other week with an email to complain to amazon bi-passing the usual transcript chat? did i dream it?! amazon have let me down on a lot of christmas gifts and i need to complain


Whats the problem?

In before "Yodel have not delivered them".

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out for delivery a week ago.. then disappear, then I 'chat' with amazon and they actually said they would 'personally take responsibility for the order and guarantee delivery before Christmas' they re assign the order.. next day (Friday) it doesnt arrive.. now lost in transit..and out of stock! they offer a refund and thats it! so 6 main presents down the swanee

Not good. I know Yodel have had massive problems this year. One depot didn't accept any orders into the depot for 2 days last week.

I suppose you can take the risk that they might come Mon or Tue or buy elsewhere (instore) and return the Amazon ones to the store if they arrive after xmas (guessing Amazons) were cheaper.

I suppose at the moment they will say you have two more days for delivery.

One of my presents wont be here until the 29th but I have told the gift receiver so they know and will get them a little present to open on xmas day.

yodel are so greedy,
they ask for more drivers,
i now ask is bringing beore a order,
as they leave it dorsteps or over gate

If you go through your normal amazon sign on, right at the bottom in the small print there is a help link you can click on. Follow this and the contact us links and you will see an e-mail option. However, it is not true e-mail - just a form to raise your issues via their mail system.

Amazon logistics are the new yodel they don't even have their own vans or use scanners im in central London its a mess.

And don't get fobbed off get a refund and some from Amazon don't let then fobb you off.

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thanks everyone for your comments.. the problem is the toy in particular is out of stock in the shops and its for a little boy expecting Father Christmas to bring it,,glad i got other things for hime to open

Not much you can do if out of stock.

I'd complain to them via Twitter and maybe tag the toy company as well. Keep it factual with no insults. Maybe put toy name as a # tag.

@AmazonUK really disappointed my order was lost, now out of stock, son won't get @mattel toy for #Xmas #xmasruined

Good luck

Jeff Bezos may run Amazon and he may be a billionaire, but he is very accessible to his customers with an easy-to-find email address, [email protected]amazon.com. And when his customers aren't pleased, Bezos isn't either.

LOL, i love his sarcasm

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okay ive emailed [email protected] lets see if I get a reply

Dont hold ur breath, I emailed him twice and all he did was pass the e-mail to the clown at Amazon Uk who had constantly lied to me.

They are just like every other big company in the UK, they dont give a toss about their customers.

Honestly dont waste ur time and effort with them, just move on
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