Posted 22nd Mar 2021
Hi all,

I recently purchased the Xbox Wireless Headset from a recent deal on here and it was dispatched by "Amazon EU". It meant delivery was a few days but that didn't bother me and I was happy to wait and confident there was no VAT/Import issues.

Unfortunately the headset arrived yesterday and stopped working after about an hour. Completely dead, had full charge and now won't do anything despite being on charge for ages and no amount of button pressing is making it turn back on.

So I clicked the returns button and was shown the screen that stated it had to be a self return rather pre paid as it was from the Amazon Global Store. Spoke to CS as well and they confirmed the same and suggested Parcel Monkey to keep postage costs down but that they would refund it anyway.

However the return label states its going back to Amazon Returns in Slovakia?! And I'm confused by the fact there is two customs statements that need printing off as well as the return label and a battery warning. Do I really need to stick the customs statement on the outside of the box even though it shows order details/costs etc?!

Should I stick it in an envelope or just straight to the side of the box? I was planning on just going down to the post office, do I hand them the other copy of the customs statement, and will they be happy to deal with it?! Will they accept it with the battery warning (their site says batteries are a restricted item)?

Apologies never ordered from a EU Amazon store and its a far cry from the simple returns process I'm used to with Amazon UK purchases so would really appreciate some advice!
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