Amazon Exchange rate guarantee fee introduced - applicable if ordering and paying in Sterling on non UK Amazon sites

Posted 8th Jun 2020
I have seen this on a few threads recently but thought was worth a separate post. Amazon have introduced an Exchange rate guarantee fee if you pay in sterling on non UK Amazon sites. The charge is added at checkout and looks to be around 3% of the transaction value, in addition to any postage costs.

Most people on here probably pay in Euros with a fee free card such as Revolut or Starling etc to get the best value, so this wont impact you . However if you do pay in Sterling, then be aware of this additional charge. Below example for an SSD order on


What is the Amazon exchange rate guarantee fee?

  • This fee enables you to pay in GBP on non UK Amazon sites and guarantees the exchange rate at the time of order.
  • You will be refunded the full amount paid to Amazon in case of return, thus protecting you from exchange rate fluctuations.
  • You have the option to pay in EUR without the exchange rate guarantee, although you may be charged fees by your card issuer.

How is the Amazon exchange fee calculated?

The fee is based on the order subtotal (item price, delivery and handling and any applicable taxes and/or import fee deposits).
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    All the more reason to get one of the many fee free cards on the market now. Thanks for pointing out, I'm sure many people wouldn't read it properly and just proceed to purchase because total price is cheaper than UK price, but saving 3% can be a decent saving on top
    Edited by: "cartwheelbob" 8th Jun 2020
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    Yet another fee disguised as something else. But then we are also in a country where a few million households do not switch away from standard tariffs for electricity & gas, so perhaps this will work for them.
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    They were already essentially charging a fee with their terrible exchange rate. Given most banks charge a fee at 3% or less at the interbank exchange rate it almost always works out better to pay in EUR.

    This gives even more reasoning to open up a fee free card such as Starling, Monzo, Revolut, Virgin Money (worldwide fee free debit), Halifax Clarity (worldwide fee free credit) or even use Metro Bank fee free in Euros.
    Edited by: "jamie15" 28th Jun 2020
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    It’s a bit crafty of Amazon to create the fee but it’s a sort of extra benefit in a way which most people won’t need.

    When it may be useful is for pre orders or returns where a fee free card won’t really help.

    However a 3% ish fee seem excessive at least for us but if you are in a country where your FX rates move around it will be more beneficial than a fee free card.
    Edited by: "eslick" 8th Jun 2020
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    Which fee free cards do you all recommend for shopping on the international Amazon sites? Thanks!
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