Amazon family question.

Posted 14th Mar
A few years back you could add 4 people to your amazon prime account and they got prime free so I did a thread and got some people to join me and I was main account holder and they got prime benefits and we all split the prime price of £79 5 ways.
So the problem is someone wants to opt out and they asked me to remove them from the prime household , so my question is I cant even find this option in my account anymore to remove him but the main question is if I do remove him , can I add someone else ?
Thanks in advance for any help.

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This is different as I only see my son not the 4 random strangers I added to it when this was first allowed a few years back.
this thread has some info to what we used to be able to do before in amazon.I cant seem to find the huge thread where everyone was selling a slot in their amazon household.…292

seems it was deleted ....…=10
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A few years ago they stopped the way you mentioned from what I remember but let some people continue using it that had them set up. I am guessing if you want to delete them you have to do it though chat and will lose the ability to swap with the others.
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