Amazon Fire Stick 2nd Gen or Android TV Box?

Found 21st Mar
So my first gen Fire Stick is dropping connections too often and I was wondering whether its best to buy the 2nd gen firestick or an Android TV box for around the similar price.

Currently the Firestick is £30 - so would there be an Android Box around that price I should consider.

I watch BBC, Netflix and Amazon plus a few apps.

If it's an Android TV what spec should I be aiming for?
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If the issue is with the stick and not your Internet connection being weak? Go for a stick again.. It will go longer without slowing down/feeling dated than an android box of the same value would. Plus warranty/optimised apps for the device/good remote/voice search/alexa are all a bonus you wont get with a really cheap android TV box.
Stick over box for prime. Quicker to use. Both will do the job I'd say but stick if your a prime member just to save that little bit of messing. I have both and always go for stick
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Stick all the time. Generic android boxes I'd stay clear of. With amazon stick, you'll get updates and native apps
Just to give the alternative opinion I have an Android box (MeCool M8 Pro +) and very happy with it - cost me about £24 when I bought it. Use it for Prime and a variety of other popular apks.

Have had a previous Android Box as well as arranging/settng up others for friends and family. Key thing in the spec is to ensure a minimum of 2GB of RAM. Never used a Stick so can't compare but I like the flexibility of a clean, unrestricted Android system.
Could arguably be boiled down to preference of: performance, flexibility and connectivity = Android box; support = Fire Stick.
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