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Posted 19th Sep
I had to turn of my router today, when I turned it on the fire stick wouldnt connect to it. Has anyone had this happen before, ive unplugged it, ive retyped the password and it still doesnt want to connect.
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Powercycle both devices, then try again.
Did you or someone setup a fixed IP which might have changed as it was actually issued via DHCP?
If you're still having problems scroll down a little further in networks on the firestick and you will see connect via wps. Click that and then press the wps button on your router.
yeah - they both need to paired together again
Yeah sometimes. Leave for 20mins as can take ages to get going and pressing buttons seems to cause it to freeze
Thanks everyone, some bits i didnt understand there, but after unplugging everything, plugging them back in nothing worked, but when i reset the router all is fine and nothing else needed doing.
I know youve now solved this issue but a bit of advice from an old hand. I tend to look over the back of the TV, then sigh loud enough for Amazon to hear, scratch my head the threaten to start using nowtv, I guarantee when you turn your TV on next it won't only work but you'll have Amazon prime and free iptv. Cheers
click on it and forgot network restart do again
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