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Found 14th Nov 2017
Daughter age 5 wants a tablet for Christmas, humming & hawing about the kids fire vs a normal fire - saw the prices for the kids are coming down from midnight tonight but would you hold out for the actual Black Friday itself or buy now? And would you go for the kids or the bog standard and load it with the apps etc yourself?
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Go for the standard, as your not restricted to the amazon store then, had to make the same decision last your for my 5 yr old . i just load the apps, but then we also have netflix and amazon video on there fore long car journeys.
My 3 kids have a standard one each, coming up 2 years old and not had a problem or breakage and that's without protective covers etc. Save yourself the extra £30/40

Or, if they run the 20% off warehouse offer you'll bag one for around £20
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My kid has a fire tablet, I'd just get an android one instead
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