Amazon Fire TV Stick Mirroring problems with laptop and Amazon customer service

Posted 6th Apr 2020
I been trying for ages to get my laptop to cast to my 4k Fire TV Stick but it just keeps saying display mirroring is exiting on the FS when i use try the connect or the project function on my Windows 10 laptop.
I've watched loads of youtube and blog posts on how to do this... it looks real easy and I still can't get it to work.
I started an online chat with amazon "help"... i use that word loosely after 4 different people and some outright lies on their part I got told this..

"THAKUR AVINASH | Customer Service because fire tv stick's main functionality is to stream movies and tv show's and it has in built app store to download applications
Yes, I understand that they thought you might be confused
Apple air play is nothing but screen mirroring in android
Right now laptop is not supported
so you cannot share your laptop screen on to the TV "
I told him i watched loads of youtube videos on this...and he replied with this...
"THAKUR AVINASH | Customer Service Currently we do not support mirroring on the Laptops, its compatible only on Mira cast enable device.
The video's which you are referring might be work around
but we do not support if officially
Hence if it is not working, I am afraid we cannot provide any troubleshooting steps for this "

What i'm trying to find out is any of this true that it doesn't work on laptops and why are there then so many youtube videos showing the mirroring function working?
I should point out that i have mirrored my phone to the FS and i have cast from my laptop to a chromecast with no issues i'm just wondering why my laptop doesn't want to mirror to the FS.. oh and all software is up to date as well as drivers
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