Amazon Fire TV Stick - Registering & Free Prime Trial Start

Found 3rd Sep 2015
"In order to use your Amazon Fire TV device, register it to your Amazon account..."

My question is if I do register will my 30 Prime trial automatically start? I want to start using my Fire Stick in a limited capacity but want to save my Prime trial until after I've used up my Now TV 30 free trial & Sky Movie passes in a couple of months time.

Thanks in advance.
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Just sign up, then cancel on their website. You'll have prime video for a month.
I don't want the prime service yet as I won't use it but just want to start tinkering with the fire stick which it says to register before using.

If I register the stick does the prime trial start immediately?
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you choose whether to take tyhe prime trial at the end of set up but can opt out
Thanks .. I assume I can start the trial at a later date when I can make the most of it ?(ie.around black friday?) If so that's great.
I don't wanna register with Amazon can I skip this to download kodi etc
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